Our services

We take a targeted approach to our clients and their needs. Both an understanding of the initial situation and the strategic orientation of the company are decisive for the right advice. With our individualised solutions, we make a decisive, sustainable contribution to the further development of people and organisations.



The decisive competitive advantage of a company lies in its employees, if they can contribute their strengths in the best possible way. Training and experience are the foundations, but what really counts is the willingness to show above-average commitment and bring about positive change. Long-term commitment to the company and its people ensures stability. That is why we focus our recruitment processes exclusively on fulfilling the requirements. Our straightforward job advertisements are designed to inspire both active seekers and passive candidates to take on exciting challenges.

Apart from the basic prerequisites, it is of great importance that the personality and motivation of the candidates match the specified requirements. Our written and oral assessments are designed to systematically record applicants and objectively compare them with the job profile. The scope of the assessments depends on the respective position to be filled.

Employee development

Position assessment
A thorough assessment determines the individual potential of employees and creates the basis for their future development, always with the aim of providing clarity and security. This is relevant both for companies that want to deploy and promote their employees in the best possible way and for employees who want to explore their skills and motivation.

The results of the position assessment as well as individual or corporate goals serve as the foundation for defining the development plan. On this basis, employees are offered support in the form of coaching or sparring over a defined period of time. Optimum performance is achieved when employees reflect on their own personality as well as comparing opportunities and wishes with the requirements of the respective function.

Corporate development

Initial situation
Through direct and intensive dialogue with the key people in a company or division, the individual perspectives on the situation in the organisation or company are thoroughly analysed and recorded. This makes it possible to create a comprehensive overview of the current situation. At the same time, clear priorities are set and the basis for initiating a development process within the organisation is created. This method promotes the acceptance of necessary changes within the company or organisation.

By including all the people involved, concrete measures are developed in carefully moderated workshops. The aim is to define binding objectives and to deploy resources in a targeted manner in order to achieve long-term and sustainable success as an organisation. In these workshops, ideas and solutions are developed in a collective environment, creating a broad consensus and a shared vision for the way forward.